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Fred Klarer, Esq. & Diane Kramer, Ph.D.
Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation

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Offices in Yaphank and Huntington


Description of Practice

Two Office Locations:

75 Prospect St., Suite 103
Huntington, NY 11743
Ph# 631-757-1553
214 Vanderbilt Loop
Yaphank, NY 11980
Ph# 631-757-1554

The Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation provides comprehensive divorce mediation services. Our Mediator team, Fred Klarer, Divorce Mediator Attorney, and Dr. Diane Kramer, Divorce Mediator Psychologist, meet with clients to mediate all divorcing issues - child support and custody, spousal support, financial distribution of assets and liabilities, the house, pensions, etc. Once all agreements are in place, our Divorce Mediator Attorney, Fred Klarer, does all paperwork and submits to the Judge for the final divorce.

At the Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation, we also provide Separation Agreements, QDROs, Pre-Nuptual Agreements, Post-Nuptual Agreements and divorce/parenting counseling.

The Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation, started in 1995, was one of the first on Long Island. We now have two locations, Huntington, NY 11743 and Yaphank, NY 11980.

Our pricing model is flexible and depends on the complexity of the divorce. Please contact us at 631-757-1553 for more information or to set up a Free Session. Our first sessions are always free. They include discussion of the divorce mediation process and then, if you wish, we begin laying out and mediating all issues.

Professional Background

Fredrick Klarer, Esq. has been a divorce lawyer on Long Island since 1992. Before that, he was a business lawyer in Long Island, responsible for negotiating joint ventures and handling business disputes. Fred began the practice of Divorce Mediation in 1995. His partner, Dr. Diane Kramer, has been a psychologist and marital therapist on Long Island since 1973. She began the practice of Divorce Mediation in 1998.


Fred Klarer, Esq. was a business Lawyer in New York City for 20 years. He was responsible for dispute resolution amongst business clients. He was also responsible for joint venture negotiations. Since 1992, Fred has been a Divorce Lawyer on Long Island and a Divorce Mediator since 1995. All aspects of his career as Lawyer focus on dispute resolution. Dr. Diane Kramer has been a Psychologist, as well as Marital and Family Therapist, on Long Island since 1975 and a Divorce Mediator since 1998. All aspects of her professional career have focused on dispute resolution.


Fredrick Klarer, Esq. received a B.A. from Harvard College and a Law Degree from Harvard Law School. He is admitted to the Bar in New York. Dr. Diane Kramer received a Ph.D. in Psychology from New York University. She completed a post-doctoral degree from the Center for Family Learning in New Rochelle, New York.


Dates    Trainer(s)    Title   
1998    Center for Mediation and Training in New York    Fredrick Klarer completed 40 hr. program
1998    Center for Mediation and Training in New York    Dr. Diane Kramer completed 40 hr. program


Fred Klarer, Esq. and Dr. Diane Kramer are Buddhist practitioners for over 40 years. As such, they can maintain calm and balance no matter how the clients are acting. They have the ability to respond effectively to power imbalances, stuck people, and general lack of clarity. They lead people to resolve their differences by painting pictures of the current state of affairs, listening to each person's desires, and finding solutions that work for both. Sometimes they use what would happen if clients went to two lawyers and the Judge as leverage. Sometimes it is the silence of sitting with the clients differences that pushes a solution.


Fees range from $1875 to just under $5000 for a full divorce, dependent on the complexity of the divorce. Court fees are an additional $395. The First Mediation Session is always free. It includes information about the divorce mediation session, the laying out of all issues to mediate, and the start of the mediation process. Sometimes, clients complete the process during that Free Session.

Areas of Practice

  • Divorce (all issues)
  • Divorce (parenting)

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Mediating Lawyer
  • Arbitrator
  • Collaborative Professional
  • Facilitator
  • Online Mediator
  • Online Arbitrator
  • Parenting Coordinator