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The Demand for Online Mediation Spikes during COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

by Nouman Ali

June 2020

Nouman Ali

The Spread of Corona Virus and Impact on Mediation

The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed our daily lives dramatically. The world has not encountered a pandemic of this nature since 1918, where people were forced to stay in isolation.

Although most of us are clinging to the hope that it is temporary and soon we will be back to our normal lifestyles, no one is sure about the timeline. Scientists around the globe are trying their best to find solutions and vaccines, but in the meantime, life goes on. We have to adapt to this new way of life. The operations around the globe cannot be paused for an indefinite time, and so we must find a way to live in this new reality.

Normally, mediators are hired for situations to resolve conflicts, carry out negotiations, reach to a viable and feasible solution, and most require a face-to-face meeting. Now that we are practicing social distancing, most of the office and consultancies are either closed or working remotely, it is getting difficult to access mediators. Initially, online mediation took place only for a few matters, including e-commerce conflicts, transactional issues, etc. However, because of social isolation caused by Coronavirus, the demand for online mediation has risen sharply.

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